1 – Photo Journal: St. Patrick’s Day at DownTown Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2017 – Red Heart Wine Club

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It was one of the greatest block parties. And in the spirit of it all, we found lots of people wearing green. At this point, we were no longer asking people if they wanted photos.

Gratefully, it turned on us, and we were in higher demand than we could handle; but we made it happen.

If you don’t see your photos here, go to www.FlorCarrasco.com – there also may be photos of you that she captured on her site, from a different perspective that you won’t see here.

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Green clothes, green bottles, and green beer!

Make Living Beautiful with Celestial Decor

Flor and Hakeem even got caught in a few photos

We also saw a Man of Silver, who had the powers of a pretzel, and a chick magnet.

Drink Wine and Be Social. Join the Club.

Overall, there was a lot of cheer, class, and style. I could not find anywhere without fun.

(I wasn’t looking for not fun places FYI)

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