Saint Patrick’s Day Photos | DownTown Fort Lauderdale | COMING SOON

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If you found this link because you are looking for your St. Patty’s Day photos to download, you are in the right place. However it will be the posts after this one, where you will find the final uploads.

Below is a video, and a few teaser samples.

Red Heart Wine Club pro photographers, Flor Carrasco, and Hakeem Alexander hit the streets to document the action in Downtown, Fort Lauderdale.

March 17th 2017 | St. Patrick’s Day.

There were so many happy-go-lucky, fun-loving revelers, who were eager to have their photos taken to commemorate the festivities.

Check out the photos on http://RedHeartWine.Net, and to be posted by midnight, Eastern Standard Time, March 18th, 2017.

Below the video, you will see a few samples which are highly cropped images, fractions of the originals that will appear here later. This is just a teaser, so come back and view at your leisure. Both photographers have different styles, so check both websites for updates.

  1. Click on the photos to enlarge and right click to download.
  2. Click the back arrow to return to this page when you are finished.


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  1. Good afternoon it was nice to meet you two…my husband doesn’t drink some unfortunately we are not interested in the wines..we wanted your card as well are looking for a good photographer for our business..we will keep you in mind for next job we have! Nice to meet ya’ll

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